Welcome to 2016, the YEAR of VIDEO!

Social Media is Changing

at a dramatic pace; and 2016 will prove to be the biggest year in video marketing, but are you ready for it?

What if You Could Link to Any Offer from Your YT Videos!

What if You Could Get Subscribers 24/7 on Auto-pilot from Real Interested People!

What if You Could Learn a Technique That Would Pay You 10k Per Month with Videos!

The Wealthy Tuber v2
The Wealthy Tuber v2

The Wealthy Tuber [v2] is a video report pdf that holds over 30+ training videos on super tactics to generate email lists, traffic and conversions using video. Inside you will even learn how to be using interactive videos to crush the competition in every way.

The entire content includes:

  • Welcome to the Wealthy Tuber V2
  • What to Expect in the Wealthy Tuber V2
  • New YouTube Features
  • Creating a Word Press Website and Why- Step #1
  • Creating a Word Press Website and Why- Step #2 (2 Parts)
  • Creating a Word Press Website and Why- Step #3
  • Associating Your Domain to Your YouTube Channel and Why
  • Google Analytics for YouTube and Why
  • The New Power of Tags in YouTube 2016
  • How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos in 2016 for Better Search Results
  • Ranking YouTube Videos 2016 in Two Ways
  • How to Add Logos to Your Videos
  • How to add a Subscription Button to Your Videos
  • How to Watermark Your Videos
  • How to Add Animated Overlays to Your Videos
  • How to Become a Power Earner on YouTube in 2016
  • How to Benefit from YouTube Trueview Ads for 2016
  • Retargeting YouTube Video Viewers 2016
  • Coming Features to YouTube in 2016
  • Personalizing Any Video to Make it Your Own with Ease!
  • Why iCards are So Amazing!
  • Types of iCards
  • Creating a Video iCard for the Best Results
  • How to Create a Channel iCard for the Best Results
  • Creating a Crowd Funding iCard for the Best Results
  • Creating Banner iCards for the Best Results
  • Creating a Merchandise iCard That Convert
  • Creating Rotating Link iCards and Why
  • Creating Social Media iCards and Why
  • How to Read Your iCard Reports
  • BONUS:Heads Up Teespringers! The GOLD RUSH is back!
  • TWT #1 – How to Create Teespring TrueView Video Ads
  • How to Increase More Engagement Through YouTube’s New Notifications Feature
  • What Content is in the Highest Demand for 2016
  • What is JUMP?
  • How to Take Advantage of YouTube’s New 360 Degree Video Features
  • How to Profit From JUMP
  • Other 360 Degree Video Options
  • Prepare for 3D and 7D on YouTube
  • How to Harness the Power of YouTube Live
  • How Two Concepts Can Make You a Fortune Starting in 2016
  • Direct Streaming from Your Android Device
  • How to Create Your Own Word Press Website and Why
  • Your Own Copy of theNew* 2016 Share Wizard Pro Software
  • Welcome to The New* 2016 Share Wizard Pro Software  (Included)
  • How to Install the New Share Wizard Pro
  • Setting Up the Share Wizard Pro
  • Using the Share Wizard Pro
  • BONUS!
  • Your Own Copy of theYT Link Rotating Software  (included) 
  • Welcome to the YT Link Rotating Software (Included)
  • How to Install the YT Link Rotating Software
  • Using the YT Link Rotating Software
  • The Secret Hack to Boost Earnings on Your Videos!

Common Questions and Answers

» Do I have to have previous YouTube experience to do this course?  No. You Do not need any experience at all.
» Can this work on my existing YouTube videos? No. You Do not need any experience at all.
» Do I have to have previous YouTube experience to do this course? YES! It works best on aged videos and can do wonders for your channel and other videos as well.
» How technical do I have to be to use the two softwares included in this course? You don’t need any technical knowledge.
» Do I need to buy extra upsells in order for this course to work as it says on this page? Not at all. The upsells will just increase your efforts.
» How current is the information in this course if it is selling for just $27? The content is as current as “fresh off the press!”
» What kind of support is being offered on these tools if we need it if it’s only $27?  Full support for the entire year of 2016.

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Work at Home: The Largest Money Making Bag

World is dominated by internet. Majority of the manual work undertaken by men are now automated with the help of computers. People are depending upon internet for every aspect of their life. The greatest advantage is that with the help of internet you can work for many providers without considering the location. The only requirement is a reasonably good configured computer and internet connection. The amount you reap from working through internet is highly fascinating. There are many opportunities available for people to work through internet. In another words, internet can be considered as the highest business generating media in the present world.

Taking this as an advantage, many companies are throwing various internet business opportunities. These opportunities will definitely strike the younger generation and also the retired hands that are spending their past time sitting at home. These jobs are quite easy and you need to work for few hours a day. If you are looking for a handsome amount of money you can definitely depend on internet in taking up full time jobs.

Many companies are outsourcing various projects to developing countries because of the availability of cheap and educated man power. All these jobs can be done from any where in the world by sitting in front of a computer through internet connection. The most common internet jobs include data entry and form filling jobs. This is mainly given by various pharmaceutical companies. This is very simple and you just need to know the basic knowledge in handling computers and internet. All the jobs will be posted in your email accounts and after finishing the task within the specified time limit you need to email the completed work.

It is very important to meet the deadline in these works as you are working in virtual mode. The only trust that can be developed between you and your employer is only through the timely submission of completed work without many mistakes. Internet marketing is another sector which is offering hot money through internet job opportunities. You can definitely take up this job if you are bit creative in writing various marketing campaigns and you should also have wide contact in order to post this in various social networking accounts.

There are also various scams coming in the name of work from home opportunities. You should be very careful while selecting your provider and you should make a point not to reveal any of your bank details while asking for payment. Pay pal is considered the most secure form of money transaction. Also it is advised not to join with any employer who is asking money from you as a fee or refundable deposit. This can be a scam which leads to loss of your money. Always look for genuine jobs on internet.Free work at home job reviews getting past the scams.

We have compiled a list of the best real work at home opportunities or work from home business opportunities for all the individuals that want to work at home or legit work from home jobs using the Internet without getting scammed on the vast amount of products and services on the Internet these days. To know more about internet business opportunities, please do visit us.

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How You Can Make Money With Online Surveys

Contemporary era or Web era has revolutionized almost everything. Though it’s got shrunk the globe, but in the same time it’s got isolated us as a person. These are the actually tough instances for older citizens of any country. However they want not worry and may invest their time in on-line survey. What is it and the way does it help to obtain inspired and stay match.

On line survey is commissioned by different providers to market the start of a product or to market an notion. Occasionally an idea’s success is evaluated via this medium. Every single effective survey pays the individual. Which means you get compensated for doing on the web survey.Although the quantity is nominal but enough to inspire you and get you began and maintain you engaged.

These on line surveys are of two varieties. There are some analysis businesses who ask to get a fixed onetime payment for acquiring you registered. While others don’t want need any payment from you. Once you get registered by having an online analysis web sites, you happen to be sent surveys practically each day and inside a time period you are needed to deliver again the completed survey. On the web survey may be the most convenient and easy method to make capital on line.

The one problem is to come across a genuine study group and know the item which is able to generate you funds. At instances you will discover delivers also with the online survey. These surveys provide you with a chance to understand concerning the item just before it is launched in the market. At times there are actually survey on motion pictures and food goods.

On the net surveyis an interesting method of creating instant cash but be chary of obtaining cheated and it could be recommended for those who develop into an associate of a person whom you know. By doing this the percentage of obtaining duped decreases. It really is a type of affiliate advertising and marketing and also you even make by referrals. So it is actually a multi-layered and when channelized properly it might fetch you enough capital.

Quite a few men and women, who have been in a position to make a foothold on on the internet survey, have created it a complete time work rather than component time employment. They have graduated towards the higher by making referrals and higher commitment. So what ever the medium, only determination can give you greater and greater outcomes. However it is even beneficial for those people who cannot give a whole lot of time. It really is anyway will give money and display results.

Stay relaxed and affected person; you might understand the tricks in the trait. Every single new business needs love and care so does on the internet survey! It’s not that you will start gaining from the very first day, however the earnings will come. Once more I’ll recommend make an effort to get registered with an individual who will enable you to to grow and prosper. Contacts are the only way by which it is possible to pay money for the right study engines. There is no age limit for on line survey; anyone can consider survey even children as well as the teens. So, to obtain the survey to your age complete the form offered on the survey websites.

There are plenty of approaches to make money, but mainly are not straightforward to obtain attain. But I like survey, do you know how to make money from taking surveys, you could make money from on the net surveys really very easily. If you wish to know the top survey panel or how you can get started go to make money from online surveys.

Top Ten Money Making Jobs

Are you looking for a career? Have you carried out any research on the money making potential of your selected career path? I have compiled a list of top ten money making jobs which will allow you to select a high paying career path.

1. Healthcare Jobs:

If you are a general surgeon, an obstetrician, anesthesiologist or a psychiatrist, you will find yourself working at a nice healthcare institute earning good money.

2. Athletic Trainers:

While it cannot be compared with the healthcare jobs in money making potential, it is definitely one of the growing fields and has secured a position in the top ten money making jobs.

3. Technology/ IT jobs:

One cannot say the future of such jobs is bleak because technology is progressing day by day and businesses need these professionals all the time. They are also paid well due to the significance of their job type.

4. Finance Specialists:

The demand for finance specialists is also on the rise keeping in view the peak retirement years of the baby boomer generation and the increasing need of businesses to manage their risk.

5. Service Jobs:

Jobs such as heating and air conditioning technicians are also experiencing great demand and have secured a safe position in the top ten money making jobs.

6. Massage Therapist:

Due to the increasing work related stress, the demand for massage treatment is increasing. This is why many new hotels and spas are paying fairly well to massage therapists.

7. Counselors:

The demand for substance abuse counselors is also increasing. And these jobs usually pay well due to its significance for the community.

8. Interpreter/Translator:

Because of globalization, many organizations require translators. These jobs have very high money making potential due to the significance of their job.

9. Lawyer:

Corporate lawyers still earn a six figure salary and are very much in demand.

10.  Management Consultants:

Management consultants are in high demand these days as they allow businesses to find solutions to their problems and increase their profitability. Such jobs ensure a good pay scale because of the nature of their work.

Therefore, if you want to secure your future pick a career from the top ten money making jobs given above.

Your way to online success. Starting out or expanding on financial success, making money… from home – for new and seasoned entrepreneurs and businesses.