Top Ten Money Making Jobs

Are you looking for a career? Have you carried out any research on the money making potential of your selected career path? I have compiled a list of top ten money making jobs which will allow you to select a high paying career path.

1. Healthcare Jobs:

If you are a general surgeon, an obstetrician, anesthesiologist or a psychiatrist, you will find yourself working at a nice healthcare institute earning good money.

2. Athletic Trainers:

While it cannot be compared with the healthcare jobs in money making potential, it is definitely one of the growing fields and has secured a position in the top ten money making jobs.

3. Technology/ IT jobs:

One cannot say the future of such jobs is bleak because technology is progressing day by day and businesses need these professionals all the time. They are also paid well due to the significance of their job type.

4. Finance Specialists:

The demand for finance specialists is also on the rise keeping in view the peak retirement years of the baby boomer generation and the increasing need of businesses to manage their risk.

5. Service Jobs:

Jobs such as heating and air conditioning technicians are also experiencing great demand and have secured a safe position in the top ten money making jobs.

6. Massage Therapist:

Due to the increasing work related stress, the demand for massage treatment is increasing. This is why many new hotels and spas are paying fairly well to massage therapists.

7. Counselors:

The demand for substance abuse counselors is also increasing. And these jobs usually pay well due to its significance for the community.

8. Interpreter/Translator:

Because of globalization, many organizations require translators. These jobs have very high money making potential due to the significance of their job.

9. Lawyer:

Corporate lawyers still earn a six figure salary and are very much in demand.

10.  Management Consultants:

Management consultants are in high demand these days as they allow businesses to find solutions to their problems and increase their profitability. Such jobs ensure a good pay scale because of the nature of their work.

Therefore, if you want to secure your future pick a career from the top ten money making jobs given above.