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What Helps Me Win

My latest project is to figure out exactly what makes me the foremost productive and profitable at poker. There are such a lot of factors to consider – sleep, exercise, food, that poker website I play on, etc. To some, that even might sound superstitious – I mean, is it ridiculous to believe that if you follow a terribly particular ritual, you’ll be successful? Its like people who wear lucky socks or underwear and refuse to resort to anything else as a result of they have always had such success with those items.

However I believed it’s a topic worth exploring just as a result of what if it DOES create a difference?

Therefore, here are the items that Im finding facilitate build me best lately:

-NOT listening to music. The few days I have spent with no background noise whatsoever have been among my most profitable. I feel it’s as a result of after I play at home, taking note of music makes me sing along and that is a distraction as a result of I am puzzling over singing instead of putting one hundred% focus on the tables.

-drinking occasional: though I have complained in the past that it upsets my stomach, there is one thing to be said for the acute edge it puts me on. This edge appears to make me notice a lot of of whats happening at the tables, AND the caffeine jolt conjointly ramps up my aggression. Who knew?

-walking my dogs right before I start. I suppose the combination of gorgeous sun, contemporary air and some time with the kiddos puts me in an exceedingly happy way of thinking to urge started.

-solely checking email and Facebook during breaks. Fully no surfing throughout play. Any and every one down time between hands (not that there’s much once youre playing 6-8 tables at a time) ought to be spent trying folks up within the Poker DB and taking notes on stupid and erratic plays. And you cant act like there arent lots to take note of, particularly at low stakes.

-Quit worrying regarding how several a lot of until the money. Just playing my game, I willt tell you how several times in the week that Ive been like damn, we have a tendency tore already in the cash and I didnt even notice it. See, realizing it makes you tighten up, whether you recognize youre doing it or not. It’s human nature that after we have a tendency to get that a lot of time invested during a tournament, we tend to a minimum of want to form back the buy-in right? Though its a touch silly if you really suppose about it – You were willing to pay $ ten to play and so you were willing to probably lose $ 10. Therefore if you bubble the tournament, it ought to hurt thus abundant to neglect the $ 12.sixteen min-money right? Is that profit paying the bills? I suppose not. Simply drive to the end.

-the days I watch a poker strategy video BEFORE I play, I tend to apply new ideas or designs to my day and though occasionally that adaptation can go awry, for the foremost part, I find it very bumps up my game overall.

-a full nights sleep. I dont think its that ground-breaking on behalf of me to tell you that obtaining a nice night of sleep helps me play better. Once I am tired, I’m cranky and emotional, therefore creating choices in the game not based mostly on logic, however additional primarily based on how pissed I am at some donkey at the table or mad concerning losing a flip, etc. I let all those things utterly roll off after I am rested and feeling good. Once all, its all a half of the sport and to be expectedhowever after Im tired, that stuff all gets to me. This can be why youll rarely notice me enjoying tired.

-spreading out my tables across the monitors. Guys – if you’re taking part in on a laptop and you’re serious about this game.its time to speculate during a better set up. Skip the bar and going out to dinner or movies for a brief amount of time or money out some bankroll and acquire on this. Ever since I got my twin 27 monitors, I can effectively unfold out eight games and see what is going on everywhere. Positive, this blind woman would still like one more monitor (for a lot of games, or for pulling up Holdem Manager or web browser for pasting vitals on each player), but it is a large improvement over how I used to play and now once I try to play on a laptop, I dont even feel like I might possibly play seriously or effectively.

So anyway that is what Ive discovered therefore far. There are still different variables Im testing (a lot of later) however therefore far thats a pretty good start on the manner to most effectiveness on the virtual poker tables.

What else goes on? Well Ive been tossing around the thought of taking part in some of these preliminary WPT events, however being the bankroll nit that I am, I wished to do it solely with some backing, and the few contacts I made relating to this didnt quite pan out. So I’m still enjoying online this week.

Am hoping to attend the California State Girls Poker Championship in Oceanside this weekend, but once more it can rely on the finalization of details with the sponsorship company that I talked about a couple blogs ago. I am definitely excited to let the cat out of the bag and tell you all what Ill be up to, but we have a tendency to are still negotiating some of the deal. So for now my lips are still sealed.

Other than that, I took 2nd place in my WSOP $ 10k league on Saturday, putting me within the top 3 in points thus so much after three months. Had last month not gone horribly wrong, I’d be ahead by a protracted shot, however thats ok. I’ve got seven additional months. High points winner gets their Main Event seat and then there are eight alternative WSOP seats being awarded to the high finishers as well. I’m very confident in my abilities and extremely get pleasure from playing with this cluster, as it’s mostly folks who I consider expensive friends and we tend to have a great time.

Conjointly going to test out a place down at Town Square Mall tomorrow known as Lolitas. Victory Poker is sponsoring a Tuesday night poker league there that is free and you’re able to play against Antonio Esfandiari, Andrew Robl, Brian Rast and Im certain several more Victory Professionals, as it says the whole Victory crew can be there. Sounds sort of a great chance to urge out of the house and play some live poker!

On this road of being a poker pro, I’m having a great time playing small stakes tournaments and my results have padded my bankroll and more than paid the bills. It beats a 9-5 job every day of the week. I dont miss any of that reallyBut the thought occurred to me recently that I should realize a lot of ways to move up stakes and take more shots at larger money. I’ve got the coaching, the dedication and drive, the ultimate on-line set up, the talents and pretty solid results to back myself up. Landing a major sponsorship would obviously facilitate with a heap of that, but I always like to own several avenues to travel down rather than limiting myself to relying on one source.

Thus I’ve got started getting into some deals with friends and fellow poker players for online backing, which is exciting for each me and my investors. I have individuals contact me (particularly through Facebook) quite frequently wanting to shop for pieces of my action or giving staking deals and thus Im operating on obtaining those in action. If you’re interested, Im always up for investment proposals when it comes to poker, each live and online. Be at liberty to continuously contact me (stacey at lasvegaspokersource.com) with any concepts you’ll have for investment partnerships.

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