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How A Student Can Earn Extra Money

Students who have just started their college years away from home realize the difficulty of budgeting one’s own money. Some have been accustomed to their mothers doing the budgeting for them. Usually, their allowance is usually sent in monthly bulk. There are times when they fail to budget the amount to fit the expenses for the whole month and end up broke. Some learned their lesson and kept a tight budget. However, those who have found it difficult to trim their lifestyle of spending together with costly school fees that crop up in the middle of the semester have resolved to find ways to make extra money.

There are a lot of opportunities to earn extra money within the university. However, it requires extra hours that are usually spared for study time. Those who badly need the finances sacrifice some of their time to study but later realize that most of these commitments eventually demanded more time without a proportional increase in income. With this predicament, students seek out other sources of income that demands little time but pays more.

One of the ways to generate lucrative income without spending too much time and does not affect the student’s time for study is writing articles online. Since most of the students are regularly given assignments to write essays or make research papers, they have developed the skill of writing. Students also have a variety of topics to write on because of their exposure to various subjects such as philosophy, history, science and technology, biology, and social sciences. Most of these fields have relevant information sought by a number of people online.

Students may opt to freelance and write articles for employers online or start blogging in their own websites. They may also try to do both. The income from freelance writing is limited to the number of clients while having a blog of their own can give them a continued source of income. However, creating a continuously income-generating website takes time to establish. If a website has brought in regular visitor traffic, the blogger can choose to feature advertisement space in his blog priced according to his own perceived rate.

A college student finds it important to make extra money since he has started living on his own. Most students can’t fit in a regular job into their schedule without sacrificing a lot of time that should be devoted to studying. Nonetheless, business ideas today have evolved from suitcases of papers and contracts to a list of websites to browse and look upon. And with the Internet becoming a requisite these days, the convenience of earning money online is being developed while keeping steady with academic duties for students.

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How to make extra money from your website

Your website is like extra income for you. Beside full filling your primary objective of online marketing it can work very well as secondary source of income. You just need to understand the process and start making money. Process is very easy to understand and use. You may have seen ads on websites like:

Companies want some place to advertise online and here comes these firms who do it for them. These companies are willing to place advertisement and in return pay you. Normally those who have website are called publisher. Publishers place these ads in their website. Normally there are three common way of payment Flat rate/ Impression, clicks on that ad and commission by banner.

Flat or Impression – how many time visitor visit that page with ad is called impression.

Cost per Clicks (CPC) – Publisher gets payment only when someone click on that ad.

Banner Commission or Affiliate – If a visitor clicks on banner and purchases the item or accept membership, publisher gets commission.

But before getting into this way of generating extra money, you need to check the reputation of the company. Reason for checking the reputation:

Some time these companies are not reliable and don’t pay or delay payments.
Make sure company doesn’t use your website for explicit material.
There are many fraud companies which can put virus and bug.

Beside your check the company’s background, these advertising companies also check your website on different points.

Important requirements for being publisher:

Ø  Website should be on your domain, not on sub domain or free website.

Ø  There should be some traffic (Visitor) to your site

Ø  Website should not violet any copyright and law

These are few common points which all companies look for. Beside these points companies have their own rules and regulations to select publisher.

Points you should check before selecting advertising company:

Which payment model they will use? Impression, Cost per Click (CPC) or Commission (Affiliate)
Term of payment – Monthly or until minimum target reached?
Will they allow you to select type of products to be advertised on your website?
What type of banners, buttons, pop up they use are they easy to install?
Provide you report regarding your payments and sales?

Till now there are many people who have used their website to generate money.

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How to earn extra money in summer

As the evenings get lighter and we ditch our coats and scarves; we know that summer is right around the corner. With hot sun, green grass and summer holidays; everywhere seems to get busier! People come out of their winter hibernation and embrace the warmer weather and attitude. Many employers will look to hire extra staff, so you could find the perfect seasonal job for you this summer!

As we all enjoy the warmer weather and look to get out and about, many leisure industries need extra staff to cope with increased demand. From hospitality, catering, tourism to transport or leisure; there are numerous industries that will see their popularity rise throughout the summer months. No matter what kind of summer job you’re looking for; you’re sure to find one!

If you don’t want to miss out on the summer sun by working; you could get a job for summer in the leisure industry. Working as a lifeguard or at a kids play group is a great way to stay active and still enjoy the weather while earning some money too!

Big cities like London, Birmingham, Leeds and many more famous to the UK are key tourist hotspots; especially throughout the summer. Many tourists will flock from across the country and the world to visit the famous sights of the areas and so many companies will need extra staff. These temporary summer roles could range from security at a festival, waiting staff at a popular restaurant or event management at a tourism operations company…the summer job roles are endless!

Even if you don’t want to work in your selected summer job industry in the future; getting a seasonal job is a great way to earn extra money and gain transferable skills that will help you no matter which path you decide to take in your career. Working at a summer camp with young children will teach you responsibility as you have to look after vulnerable children as well as health and safety as you plan, organise and implement fun and exciting activities while still ensuring complete safety for all.

If you’re currently a student, there’s no better time than summer break to get some vital work experience. Having relevant work experience is key in helping you getting your ideal job after your studies. Many companies will look to take on short term interns or employees over the summer months to support them. This will give you great work experience and further your knowledge of the industry to help you for the future.

However; prepare your Summer Job search early! Companies will look to start hiring seasonal staff as early as April, as recruitment processes can sometimes take longer than expected. Ensure you have your CV up to date and explaining why you want that summer job. Research which summer jobs are available and the companies looking to hire temporarily to begin applying early. This will show that you’re dedicated, organised and prepared!

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Make A Blog – Earn Extra Money

Each day more and more people are realizing the huge potential of making blogging their first step to an online business. The start up costs are minimal, you can build an impressive and loyal readership over time, and once you learn to monetize it, you?ll start to bring in a decent income.

The methods to set up a blog are several. You can choose from WordPress, Blogger, or any other free sites which hosts blogging. Even better is if you set it up under your own domain name, which you can buy for no money at all.

Having a blog on your own domain is a must if you want to make serious money on it. That freedom is just something free blogging accounts don?t offer. Their terms and conditions will most likely bound you to not be able to promote anything actively. Plenty of people find their blogs being removed after having promoted something not allowed by the blog host.

Buying a domain and setting up a hosting account will cost you a few dollars, but the benefits in doing this will far outweigh the costs, which probably will be around $ 20 a year. A good deal for total freedom.

You will be choosing a theme that somewhat relates to your choice of subject. Google can help you in finding which themes best suit your topic. But choosing one that you really like the look of will also work.

But perhaps the most important question is what you will blog about. There really is nothing you couldn?t blog about, the possibilities are endless. Blogs ranges from gardening to jobs, parenting and celebrities. Everyone has something to offer the world, and that includes you!

Whatever you choose, you do have to be passionate about it. You will be writing on the topic several times a week, and without a genuine enthusiasm for what you?re writing, the readers will notice, showing the blog the same lack of enthusiasm.

With your topic chosen, it?s time to start writing blog posts. Scanning through a couple of blogs, you?ll notice the length of the posts varies a lot. From two paragraphs to a couple of thousands of words. Optimal length is posts in the range of 400-500 words with a lot of information and value.

A smart thing is to write a short blog entry, which in itself leads to a longer article. This will save a lot of space, making your front page easier to overview. The readers can then scroll through and read the ones they find interesting. WordPress has this feature built in.

Always keep in mind that there really are no rules when it comes to blogging, these are just guidelines to get you started, and that in the fast paced world we live in, out-of-the-box thinking is what keep things evolving.

With time you will get a feel for what works for you. Your blog will find its place and settle in a nice flow that both you and your readers will enjoy. Eventually your character and personality will start to shine through in your writing, something you should really value as it is one of the hallmarks of blogging. After all your blog is a personal account of your life and experiences, so show people what your worth! That way you?ll get a more loyal, as well as bigger audience.

When you finally got your blog up and running and you pumping up posts on a regular basis. Your next goal is to get it in front of as many curious eyes as possible.

One way is submitting it to as many social bookmarking sites you can find. You can also submit your blog link in your profile of various social networking sites e.g. Facebook. Writing articles for article directories with a link to your blog is also a no cost way of generating free traffic. Another is creating a signature at the end of your posts to the internet forums you visit, and also in the emails you send. You will find that there really are no boundaries when is comes to generating plenty of free traffic to your blog.

The natural next step is of coarse to monetize it. You want to generate some money from all the visitors you?ll be getting, and there are several ways of doing that. The most well known is probably Google Adsense. You can sign up for free and display contextual ads that your visitors hopefully will be interested in, to maximize your click through ratio.

Several websites also give you the opportunity to get paid for each blog post you make on a certain subject. Two such examples are Pay Per Post and Review Me. They will pay you a certain amount of money to review a website or a product for the owner. In a similar vein you can also place an affiliate link inside your own blog posts, where you recommend other peoples products, thereby earn a commission on every sale.

Once you?re more established you?ll also be able to offer ad space for others to buy, charging a fee for both classified and display ads. The freedom of setting your own prices will be a significant step in your blogging career
When you?ve reached the shining blogging heights, your blog thriving in success and visitors. You could actually sell it! When it is established and generate plenty of traffic and revenue, this is absolutely a viable option. Besides a change of scene could perhaps serve you well.

There you have it – profitable blogging served on a silver plate. No get out there and build your first blog!