Interesting ways to earn money

In the context of economic crisis, it is certainly not easy to earn money. It is required that you have to be creative and active. That’s reason why dog goggles, pancakes in a can, toilet training cats are few examples of original ideas that help business owners become excellent moneymakers millions of dollars. Here are some interesting ways to earn money in the world.




 How to earn much money?


Thanks to Doggles, the creation of Ken and Roni di Lullo, dogs don’t have to squint in the sunlight anymore

  Waitresses are dresses as nurses, cooks are dressed as surgeons and customers have to put on hospital gowns in the Heart Attack Grill restaurant in Chandler, Arizona


The Web-based business, founded by Nathan Davis and Edgar Kim, promise to book your spot in heaven for about $ 13.



Sean O’Connor has made millions of dollars with Batter Blaster, an organic pancake and waffle mix that comes in a pressurized can a la whipped cream. The product is in 13,000 stores nationwide.


 Laurie Johnson and her sister had founded LemonAid Crutches where put a designer spin on the drab medical devices was founded


After police collect evidence at a crime scene, Jerry Turner’s business will come in and clean up whatever’s left behind: blood, urine, feces, and hazardous materials


Noticing a pirate subculture, Shayna Vest ordered a couple of pirate themed pieces from overseas to see how they would resell. Within 3 weeks, she has sold 75 pirate shirts from her home in Portland, Oregon


Eternal Reefs, a company founded in Decatur, Georgia, by Don Brawley and George Frankel, helps families turn a loved one’s ashes into an environmentally sound fish habitat


Rescate had read a few blogs about toilet training cats and taught her husband’s cat in a few weeks. But she realized there was no product out there to facilitate the process. After that she developed CitiKitty

James Riseborough, a commercial sculptor, combined his design expertise created Turtle Transit, a company in Lancaster, Massachusetts, that modifies vehicles and turns them into eye-catching mobile advertisements.


Marsha Hill is a professional nitpicker who comes into your home and picks the nits or eggs of lice, out of your children’s hair.



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