How To Use Blogs To Make Money Online

Blogs are now maintained throughout the world.  Initially, blogs were created for the simple purpose of self-expression, a means of communicating new happenings or things in the bloggers life to no one in particular, or as a way to keep an online journal.  For the environmentally conscious blogger equipped with a computer and a functioning internet connection this paperless medium is ideal.  While some business oriented bloggers have always sought ways to profit from their blogs, the recent difficult economic times have significantly expanded the numbers of those seeking to make money from their blogs.

If profiting financially from your blog is something that you are interested in, I outline below three approaches on how to use blogs as moneymakers:

1. For the solicitation of donations.

One very sensitive but often very successful way to use blogs to generate income is by asking for contributions. In essence, the blogger is depending on the kindness of his blog’s visitors. Those that have tried this are convinced of its effectiveness. If your cause is honorable soliciting support and donations on your blog will generally be effective. Collection buttons can easily be added to your blog working with organizations like PayPal.

2. For selling yourself and your skills in your blog.

New business income can be generated by subliminally advertising the blogger’s skills. With the use of the right words, blogs, especially personal ones, can inform readers of the blogger’s profession and his complete range of skills. Promoting one’s skills in one’s blog can be an effective method of how to use blogs as income generators. If, for example, your blog shows off your public speaking skills and/or your ability to train public speakers, you could soon be contacted by readers who have a need for such skills. To improve the likelihood of this happening, it is a good idea to include a mention of the various ways you may be contacted.

3. For selling products and advertising space.

Probably the most common way of how blogs are being used to generate income is this! If this is what you want to do with your blog be aware of couple of elements that are important in marketing products through the use of your blog’s advertising space. It will be up to you to ensure that your blog’s content is generally aligned with the products that are advertised. Also advertisers will want to assure themselves that the “demographics” of those to whom your blog appeals, match their product’s appeal.

Clearly there are many more avenues available on how to use blogs to make money. By the use of creativity and intelligence, blogs can, and are, producing significant incomes for many bloggers. If you have a blog this might be something to be explored!

Dan Lacey is a retired General and Financial Management Executive who is an Independent Marketing Consultant affiliated with a marketing training and support company and a marketer of financial education products.
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