How to make money as an artist

YouTuber Justin Case has been asking me questions about making money as an artist. Anyone who wants to be an artist can be. If you don’t want to be a business man too, then just do art/music/dance/…  however, with this you can do either or both and let your creative juices flow!

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Making money online isn’t as hard…


28 thoughts on “How to make money as an artist”

  1. Well i illustrate for ‘myself’ and work for others (check out my google
    page!)..thus creating multiple revenue streams..but it works only if you
    put the effort in (every single day for me including weekends!) anyone can
    be artist and earn money today with all this wonderful technology, it just
    needs a workaholic (kinda! ha) and commitment.

  2. It riles me so much when people see art as a subject which will take you
    nowhere except serving coffee or flipping burgers. It annoyed me enough to
    write a rant about it on my Tumblr page (Warning, there’s a few swears).
    Hearing parents who tell their children art isn’t good for getting a job is
    even worse. It’s also a bit selfish (will they be able to afford to look
    after me in later life?).
    I need to stop ranting about this, i’m not an angry person, honest!

  3. Very helpful video, thank you! I’m about to go into a kind of General Art
    course that then kind of secures you into an additional three years of a
    specific art styled course, thinking about looking into illustration. 🙂

    It’s just that when I look at some other people’s art who are the same age
    as me, I just feel that they are so much better and it really puts my
    confidence down. Art is the only thing that I feel like I’m good at and
    sometimes I just don’t feel like I’m good enough to pursue it as a career.

  4. I like the advice you gave about being a hobby. Just because you do a
    subject at school doesnt mean you have to get a job in that area. I mean
    how many people actully use chemestry they learnt in school, yet society
    finds it acceptable to persue it at a school level.

  5. Hey Shoo, I enjoyed this video a lot. Thank you! Did you keep any of your
    drawings from before you became a famous illustrator? If you did, do you
    mind making a video? I am always interested at seeing how people’s artwork
    change over time. :D

  6. I have the course, the fellow person gave it to me for free as I was browsing king humans forum page, he Messaged me and gave it to me It’s a waste of time, don’t bother doing if you don’t have a website or anything, all you folks are trying to make money with no effort but this method takes quite a commitment If you don’t believe me Inbox me and I’ll send you a photo of it Just my opinion

  7. I bought this course from Franco and really enjoyed it, it was very in
    depth and well thought out. I highly recommend you check it out.

  8. Ok that it.Unsuscribed from this guy has become a Freaking marketing
    channel about his products. I come to this channel to learn something and
    all this guys do is advertise his website and products for us to buy. No
    thank You Good Bye.

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