How to make extra money from your website

Your website is like extra income for you. Beside full filling your primary objective of online marketing it can work very well as secondary source of income. You just need to understand the process and start making money. Process is very easy to understand and use. You may have seen ads on websites like:

Companies want some place to advertise online and here comes these firms who do it for them. These companies are willing to place advertisement and in return pay you. Normally those who have website are called publisher. Publishers place these ads in their website. Normally there are three common way of payment Flat rate/ Impression, clicks on that ad and commission by banner.

Flat or Impression – how many time visitor visit that page with ad is called impression.

Cost per Clicks (CPC) – Publisher gets payment only when someone click on that ad.

Banner Commission or Affiliate – If a visitor clicks on banner and purchases the item or accept membership, publisher gets commission.

But before getting into this way of generating extra money, you need to check the reputation of the company. Reason for checking the reputation:

Some time these companies are not reliable and don’t pay or delay payments.
Make sure company doesn’t use your website for explicit material.
There are many fraud companies which can put virus and bug.

Beside your check the company’s background, these advertising companies also check your website on different points.

Important requirements for being publisher:

Ø  Website should be on your domain, not on sub domain or free website.

Ø  There should be some traffic (Visitor) to your site

Ø  Website should not violet any copyright and law

These are few common points which all companies look for. Beside these points companies have their own rules and regulations to select publisher.

Points you should check before selecting advertising company:

Which payment model they will use? Impression, Cost per Click (CPC) or Commission (Affiliate)
Term of payment – Monthly or until minimum target reached?
Will they allow you to select type of products to be advertised on your website?
What type of banners, buttons, pop up they use are they easy to install?
Provide you report regarding your payments and sales?

Till now there are many people who have used their website to generate money.

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