How to earn extra money in summer

As the evenings get lighter and we ditch our coats and scarves; we know that summer is right around the corner. With hot sun, green grass and summer holidays; everywhere seems to get busier! People come out of their winter hibernation and embrace the warmer weather and attitude. Many employers will look to hire extra staff, so you could find the perfect seasonal job for you this summer!

As we all enjoy the warmer weather and look to get out and about, many leisure industries need extra staff to cope with increased demand. From hospitality, catering, tourism to transport or leisure; there are numerous industries that will see their popularity rise throughout the summer months. No matter what kind of summer job you’re looking for; you’re sure to find one!

If you don’t want to miss out on the summer sun by working; you could get a job for summer in the leisure industry. Working as a lifeguard or at a kids play group is a great way to stay active and still enjoy the weather while earning some money too!

Big cities like London, Birmingham, Leeds and many more famous to the UK are key tourist hotspots; especially throughout the summer. Many tourists will flock from across the country and the world to visit the famous sights of the areas and so many companies will need extra staff. These temporary summer roles could range from security at a festival, waiting staff at a popular restaurant or event management at a tourism operations company…the summer job roles are endless!

Even if you don’t want to work in your selected summer job industry in the future; getting a seasonal job is a great way to earn extra money and gain transferable skills that will help you no matter which path you decide to take in your career. Working at a summer camp with young children will teach you responsibility as you have to look after vulnerable children as well as health and safety as you plan, organise and implement fun and exciting activities while still ensuring complete safety for all.

If you’re currently a student, there’s no better time than summer break to get some vital work experience. Having relevant work experience is key in helping you getting your ideal job after your studies. Many companies will look to take on short term interns or employees over the summer months to support them. This will give you great work experience and further your knowledge of the industry to help you for the future.

However; prepare your Summer Job search early! Companies will look to start hiring seasonal staff as early as April, as recruitment processes can sometimes take longer than expected. Ensure you have your CV up to date and explaining why you want that summer job. Research which summer jobs are available and the companies looking to hire temporarily to begin applying early. This will show that you’re dedicated, organised and prepared!

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