Blog to Make Money

I’m going to teach you ways to make money from your blog. Hopefully you can earn some big amounts of money, and do it so that maybe you could even do it as a full time job. Or you can just do it as a side thing and earn extra money on the side. It’s up to you, and how much you put in.

Beginning with the basics. A blog consists of regular published information about a certain topic, news event or even a peron’s life, that are all written up on the site. Blogs are free websites, that anyone can create for themselves. You can upload entries at any time you would like to, that is once it’s up and running.

Running a blog, is one of the easiest websites to run for any individual. Furthermore they are very common all over the Internet, and incredibly easy to use. Many blog directories will promote your blog if it consists of awesome information. The Internet is full of valuable information nowadays about so many topics, so writing about anything will do.

Two terms that you might see, are “blogger”, which is what you are if you start running your own blog, and “blogging” which is the activity of running the blog. People on the Internet are free to see your blog, and the entries you put up.

When information is put up on your blog, people will start visiting, and this is how your “money-making” journey begins. Use your visitors as a means to begin making an income from your blog. Ways in which you can blog to make money are:

1. Advertisements – Advertisements can be put onto your site from many places. The top places to get ads from are Google Ads and Yahoo Ads. My personal preference is Google AdSense. On your blog, you can put free advertisements from Google AdSense once you’ve signed up. You get profit for every ad which is clicked. Commonly, you’d receive over 50 cents per each click, sometimes more, which is awesome. For more information about advertising on your blog, see the link below.

2. Affiliating – You can promote products from sites like Clickbank. You’d be able to earn the best amounts of money from your blog through affiliate marketing. The best thing about this, is that you don’t need to worry about product checkouts, refunds and all those problems, because you are promoting someone elses product. For more information about Affiliate Marketing, see the link below.

3. Referrals to reward sites – Whenever a person joins a reward site, such as a survey site, through your link, you get rewards in turn. Easy money can be earned from this because every time a referral reads reward emails, completes a survey or clicks an advertisement, you also get paid. payments are sent to you. This results in a very neat money-making system set up, as it’s a referral matrix of rewards being sent up the chain. There are lots of reward sites that you can join up to, all free of course, otherwise it’s most likely not worth it. To find out more about this, see the link below.

Something you should note is Google AdWords. It’s a way that you can generate more traffic to your blog. It allows for advertising that is targeted to websites with a relating topic to your blog. So it’s definitely worth checking out. More information about it is available from the link below.

When wishing to make money from blogs, these are the best ways. The best thing for a blogger is to get more and more visitors, and this can be done by putting up great content on your blog. When free valuable information is provided, the |traffic comes automatically and you will generate reputation. You can make money like this because of the connection created between you and your readers, they will keep coming back to your blog. Blogging for money is an easy and affordable online business, and you should definitely try it.

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