24 thoughts on “7 Ways To Make Money on the Internet!”

  1. Did u just say that feature points couldn’t be found in the app store so
    people would click on your referral link.? Cuz I found it in the app store

  2. Does anyone know if I could make a blog for like music? I sing and play
    guitar so I could post videos, pics of my gigs, and maybe reviews on songs
    and stuff? Is that a good idea?

  3. Can anyone tell me a good place to start my blog on? I have a lot of pets
    and want to do animal stuff, i dont want to do it for money but i want to
    pick a good place. blogspot? i have a good camera too

  4. hey! I really liked your video, this was so helpful for me. my question is
    kind of irrelevant but how did you gain so many subscribers on youtube? I
    just started my channel and I’ve been trying to figure out how youtubers
    like you and bethany mota get so many subscribers. I’m new to your channel
    but I’ve watched a lot of your videos and I really like them! keep it up :)

  5. Cool Shelby.
    On my channel we talk about wealth principles, self development, politics and stuff that makes you THINK.
    No BS or selling/buying crap. Stop by and check us out!

  6. Could you guys could you please check out some of my videos? And maybe even
    subscribe! Thanks 😀 (I will sub back!)

  7. You make the youtube partnership program sound like it’s super easy to be a
    part of, but it’s harder than it looks and getting sponsorships is
    difficult when you aren’t a well known youtuber. I’ve been working on my
    channel (took a small break for technical issues but I just got a new
    camera so I will be making videos again.) and it’s hard to get 100 views on
    a video when you are brand new. Don’t sugar coat it like it’s something
    that you will start making money off of immediately. But I agree with you,
    it shouldn’t be a “job” because no one wants to see someone who clearly
    doesn’t like doing it. Plus if you don’t like it, you won’t keep up with it
    and then you won’t make money off it.

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